Houseplants in white pots on copper Crisscross Plant Stand against wall

How to Grow Beautiful Plants Inside Your Home

The more you know about your indoor plants and where they come from, the easier it will be to keep them healthy. Understanding a plant's native habitat can help you decide which potting soil to use, how often to water, what window the plant should be in, and whether or not it needs extra humidity. But even if you don't have specific cultural information about each and every one of your houseplants, you can feel your way to success with some general guidelines.

Cybister amaryllis collection on table with decorative twinkle lights next to them

Amaryllis Care

How to Plant, Grow – and Rebloom – these Holiday Favorites

Oslo Grow Light shelf and stand with potted leafy plants on shelves of both

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With so many types of grow lights and systems available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will best suit your needs. Check out our guide to our most popular grow light lines, including their features and the benefits they provide.